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These are available on the Corfu but also in Mainland Greece. Walks to fit all interests and capabilities. We organize personally all the details of the walks, such as the routes, the coaches, the leader, even the picnics! We personally do such walks for our selves, it’s the best way to relax and get to know mother nature!








This is available all though the island, but one of the loveliest places to go riding is by the village of Korakiana, through the olive groves and fields.








If you enjoy discovering a country through it’s music and dances, then let that up to us to organize.








This can be only organized in mainland Greece and in the Zagoria villages. Go rafting or kayaking down the Voidomatis or Acherondas river, it’s unforgettable!



What a way to discover the uniqueness of the sea and it’s depth. After attempting certain times you may even acquire a license!









For those wanting to experience Greece in there own pace and way, then privet tours and excursions can be organized all through Greece.

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