An unique architecture of the villages and the town, beautiful beaches, endless forests of olive, cypress and pine trees joined with a network of old foot paths and the countryside full of wild flowers will make you want to come over and over again to Corfu, the “archodissa” of Greece.

The town and the villages with their cosmopolitan character speak for themselves of its different rulers and its once historical importance. At Easter when endless carpets of flowers color the mountains, in the summer when swimming in the crystal clear water of the Ionian is idyllic, and also in the winter when the island is lighter from its thousand of summer visitors you will still be over-whelmed with our Corfu.

Kerkyra, that was one of the first tourist destinations in Greece has been attracting visitors from all over the world, does not only offer a marvelous landscape and beaches but also a wide range of hotels, apartments and villas to cater for all tastes and requirements. For people interested in historical and religious sites, marvelous walking, flowers and bird watching, mountain biking, horse riding, scuba diving and snorkeling and last but not least, a very excellent golf course which holds international competitions in early and late season, then Corfu is the place for this.