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We are the Classic Cars, friends and fanatics of the old car, but also the way of motoring.

We have passion with what we do, we have the ability to maintain an old car in every field and case.

We have maintained enough cars so far, with their owners being completely satisfied with the result.

It all started with a Citroen Traction Avant when it had to be maintained and worked just like the day it was built!

The continuation is obvious, especially for the visitor who will come to our place to see and photograph with the other cars of our collection

“Enjoy your journey to a vintage lifestyle with smile, and sun”

Live with a Classic Car, feel the difference in your daily routine, holidays, motoring!

We offer you the ability to drive with one of the most classic cars built, the Volkswagen Beetle, the most iconic car in the history of the company, a car that became a symbol of simplicity but also of style.

Come today in Classic Cars and find out how you can make a round of Corfu, or just take a stroll with Classic Cars Beetle.

  • Complete restore iconic cars from the past
  • Offering the opportunity to live with an iconic car
  • Guide you on how to live with iconic cars
  • Giving you the opportunity to drive iconic cars
  • Make the best tour around Corfu with iconic car